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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gotta love those sunny Fall days!

We've been really fortunate lately in the weather department. September was universally GROSS, but October was quite lovely and so far, November has been surprisingly sunny! No complaints here!!
Last Thursday Marley's class took a field trip to Burn's Bog - a local park and conservation area. Her teacher was short drivers so she opened it up to include siblings. Marley was the Star of the Week last week (each student gets to take turns being the Star - bring in special guests, treats and sharing plus make a ME poster) so I decided it was appropriate to drive and to take Paige and LC. Because of the little ones I don't normally go on her field trips so this was a special treat for us all.

I had LC in a back pack carrier (thanks Trish - finally used it!) which worked well but added an element of danger that I wasn't expecting. I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures below but access to the bog is on raised wooden boardwalks. Even though the weather has been pretty sunny, there have still been a few rainy days here and there and there is a heavy dew in the mornings. This meant that the boardwalks were super slick! Most of then had a narrow strip of chicken wire nailed to prevent slipping but there was a fairly long section - like the one below - that did not.

Picture this:
knee brace + hiking boots + camera around my neck + my youngest on my back = taking the gingerest of ginger baby steps!
You laugh but it was pretty scarey!!

Here is our leader, Michael, telling the story of how this tractor came to be stuck in the bog.

Yup! That's a tractor in there!!
This is a fallen down tree (the root system) that a bear actually made a den in until it caved in.
We didn't see any bears.
Thank goodness!
Moss covered tree branches ...
... and just one sample of the many different types of mushrooms we saw.
To say the moisture content in the bog/forest was high is a bit of an understatement!!

I have more pictures but blogger won't let me upload them until I purchase more storage space. Who knew?! Now I'm just waiting for my additional 19GB to get processed. Grr ...

... stay tuned ...

Kids jumping in leaves coming soon!!

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