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Friday, February 11, 2011

5 on Friday - Feb 11

Not sure I can come up with 5 things today but I'll try ...

1. Release and 2. OLW Workshop

In January I won a t-shirt from (FAB site BTW - you have to check it out!) onto which they would put my OLW. It came in the mail yesterday ...

I figure this picture can count as 1 of  the 9 I am supposed to take this month. I have been wracking my brain trying to think of how to capture my word in pictures and coming up empty. I may end up with a whole lot of empty spots in my book. We'll see. Maybe as I start to put it together it will magically get finished.

I can wish!!

3. Sneaks as promised

These are of the Valentine's Day projects I've been working on for Marley, Paige and LC. LC's isn't done yet but ... I"ve got til Sunday night, right?!

I'll post the entire project on Monday.

4. Imperfection

I am a perfectionist at heart. A lazy perfectionist, a perfectionist who loves to procrastinate, but a perfectionist none the less. I am working on becoming more comfortable with imperfection. To aid this I've signed up for another class at Big Picture Classes called Embrace Imperfection. I've been reading the introductory handout today (it's longer than their usual handouts so it's taking me some time - kidlets interrupting and all that!) I'm excited for this class. I already know that I scrap imperfectly but I hope by the end of this class I will be happier with my imperfectly lined up, matched or journalled layouts and more willing to show them off.

5. Sleep overs

Tonight is Marley's first ever sleepover party. To say she is excited would be a MASSIVE understatement! In fact, I may have to give the Mom a bottle of wine to enjoy tomorrow when she finally says good bye to my poor, hyper child! (Sorry Jenn!!) I am very excited for her as I remember what it was like to sleep over at a friends house. I am also a tiny bit nervous. I really hope she has fun and isn't one of those kids that gets homesick and calls home at 11PM to be picked up! Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with that!! I just hope (and believe wholeheartedly) that Marley is confident enough in herself and in her trust in us to fly the nest for a night and not be scared.
And then there's the part of me that can't believe my baby is old enough to go to sleepovers!!!! When did THAT happen?!

But before she can go and terrorize the neighbours, she has to get through ballet and soccer ... poor coaches!!!

Wow! I did it ... 5 things!!

Until the next time ...

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  1. Hey there, how are ya? Love the shirt! Don't you love getting free stuff?! I won a pair of handmade earrings on facebook, but I still haven't chosen what I want, and that was at Christmas - how's that for procrastinating? Can't wait to see more of your V-day projects (I swear, you must be the best mom!) and your "imperfect" pages. Hopefully the sleepover went well! Ailis has been bugging me to have one, but I just need to get through her party tomorrow - Ack, mega clean-up needed! Jason has promised to help me with everything, thank goodness! Speaking of which, I am off to buy supplies, pronto - wish me luck!