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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pony tail cuteness!

I just remembered that I'd promised pictures of LC's ponytail. Sorry about the delay - this birthday party has me fairly preoccupied!

Isn't it darling?!

I was brushing her hair after a bath and wanted to see if it would go into a ponytail or not ... guess it does! Now she wants one all the time! Marley and Paige both had short hair at this age because I found it more frustrating to try to pin it back since they inevitably just pulled out the clips or pigtails within minutes. Paige's hair has always been so fine and doesn't grow very fast either so it's prettiest in a short bob.

This past September when Marley started ballet she asked if she could grow her hair long (and her bangs!) which I agreed to simply for ease in getting it into something that resembles a bun!! Paige started growing out her hair too. Marley's hair is well down her back now. Paige's hair is barely longer than it was in September. Sigh. At this rate her hair might be long enough to put into a bun by next spring!!

Anyway, LC loves her new hairdo options. I love how it makes her look like such a big girl all of a sudden. Well, love and hate that part of it. Where did my baby go?!

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