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Friday, February 25, 2011

Five on Friday - Feb 25

This is going to be as quick as I can make it. I've still got piles to do for the party tomorrow!

1. Loot Bags - check

2. Party Craft - Guitar Picture Frames - check

This is only about half of them!

3. Katy Perry Costume - still in progress
We found a blue wig and I will (hopefully) be able to finish her costume today ... sometime!

4. "Stage Area" - still in progress

I bought some sheets at the thrift store and attempted to dye them black - they are more purply-brown than black but ... oh well. I have about a billion glittery stars in silver, gold and white to finish cutting out and attach then I've got to figure out how best to hang them in the living room.
Oh, and I got all the stars cut out on my new ... wait for it ... Cricut!!
Michael's has a clearance sale on the Cricut VI $99 regularly $269!! I really couldn't pass it up!
5. Cake - to be decorated
It's chocolate. It's baked. It still has to be decorated - with a guitar or a star, whichever is easier and I have time for!!

Better run and tackle some of these things. T- 27 hours and counting!!!
If I survive I'll post party and birthday girl pics late Saturday or sometime on Sunday!!

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  1. This is gonna be the party of the century!!! She better appreciate it! Love the loot bags, and guitar picture frames, are you kidding me?!?! And wow, what a deal on the Cricut! No way you could pass that up, I totally agree. I just read your last post, too. LC's hair sure is cute! Jason keeps asking when it will be time to trim Brenna's hair around her ears. I'm like, "Do you know what a mullet is? If you want our daughter to have a mullet, then go ahead, trim her hair!" Ugh, men just have no clue! Good luck with everything, I'm thinking of ya, and just keep looking towards the light at the end of the tunnel, it will all be over soon! Hugs, Roxy.