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Friday, February 18, 2011

5 on Friday - Feb 18

1. Pro-D Day

Today is a Pro-D day for Marley. I kind of don't like (okay, I was really going to say "hate") these days - which incidentally seem to happen monthly, not like when I was at school (with the dinosaurs and before the flood!! LOL!) She is at total loose ends and my normal quiet Friday mornings with LC are thrown a 4' tall curve ball!! But today we are going to check out some costume ideas and party supplies while Paige is at preschool. Hopefully this will be a fun endeavour and not turn into another lesson in "we can't afford that honey"!

2. Project 12 and
3. Embracing Imperfection updates

Neither of these projects is going very well right now. I have had my Project 12 layout sitting on my drafting/scrapping table for a week now and I just can't seem to get it finished. In true perfectionist style (and with seeming complete disregard for Karens instructions to us in class) I have tried to measure perfectly, place perfectly, journal perfectly and embellish perfectly. I usually don't have huge issues with the sketches. I quickly adapt them to fit the number of pictures I want to feature for the month and then add my title, journalling and embellishments quickly also. I really don't know why it's taking me so long this time!!
Here is the sketch that we are working with this month.

I've got everything laid out except the buttons & ribbon details and the large embellishemnt. Oh, and I need to stick down the photos and journalling. See, it shouldn't be hard, right? I can hear Karen's voice in my head saying "just stick it down, don't worry about it being perfect, there is no such thing as perfect ..." You get the idea.
Maybe later ...

Speaking of our Embracing Perfection class, we have been assigned a mini book this week so keep yours eyes out for that from me. Along with my imperfect Project 12 layout!!

4. The Playroom

One of the great features (or so I thought) of this house was the fact that it had 3 bedrooms upstairs (in addition to the master bedroom). When we first moved in Marley and Paige shared one room, we had a spare bedroom from Grandma and Grandpa's visits and the last bedroom became the playroom. Yay! A room where I could just shut the door and ignore the mess!! A room to house all their toys which theoretically meant a toy-free downstairs.
What it really  is:
A room in which pyjamas and socks go to die when they are shoved quickly into random drawers (or behind furniture) to facilitate a quick clean up by the girls.
A room in which sofas become climbing equipment and springboards for attempts to fly (and possibly even attempts to see if they can fall through the floor!)
A room where snacks get ground into the carpet, juice gets sprayed onto the walls in some sort of avante garde art expression (I kid you not!) and apple cores are left out as science experiments (to see how many ants will make the trek upstairs to partake in the buffet perhaps?)
A room where pen, pencil crayon, crayon and felts are "OK" tools to use to decorate the white walls.

You see where I'm going here?

After LC came on the scene we lost our dedicated spare room and when we had guests she was forced to move into our room for the duration. Recently I stopped this practice in an attempt to teach her to sleep all night, every night in her own bed! Something she has finally started doing consistently!! Yay!!! And even though LC has been contributing to the mess in the playroom she is not really old enough yet to help clean it up. So this leaves Marley and Paige with that responsibility. Marley, the rules follower, gets upset (to put it mildly) when Paige, the slacker, doesn't clean at a pace she feels appropriate to her own. Paige doesn't like being told what to do by Marley and retaliates by screaming, pushing, throwing things, you name it. World War III is a regular occurence at clean up time and I, for one, am sick of it.

What is the solution?
Suck it up and keep cleaning it out every few months gritting me teeth the entire time?
Empty it out and convert it into a craft room? (My personal preference!!)
Convert it into a bedroom so all 3 girls have their own rooms which they are then solely responsible for cleaning and keeping tidy?

Seriously, I need help!! What should I do?

5. Can't think of a #5.
4 will have to do this week!
Thanks for tuning in!!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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