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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Marley!

Well, it's all over.
And I survived! LOL!
Here are some pictures of the fun!

First things first, here is the Birthday Girl opening her presents this morning. Not sure what was the favourite. The iPod (Greg's old one) or the Zhu Zhu Pet! Sigh!

Then we set the stage ...

Goody bags?

Pre-painted guitar picture frames craft? 


Dancing stage? 
Check, check!

After Ammee and Poppa arrived (Poppa was "Official Photographer" so isn't in any pics ... but I am! Thanks Poppa!) it was time to get costumed up.
Katy Perry (a.k.a. Marley)

Hannah Montana (at least that's what Paige said she was)

Rockin' out with Dad.

The family who rocks together stays together!!

After we had our fun, it was time for the hordes to descend upon us.
Actually, they were all very well behaved and had a good time!!

Greg was still channelling his inner Rock Star. Awesome! 

The craft that I thought would occupy the girls for 30 minutes or more was a huge success but over in 15 minutes. Note to self, don't pre-paint them next time!! 

While they painted and glued, I printed off portraits of Marley with each girl to put into the frames. 

While they waited for all their friends to finish their guitars,  they danced. And danced.
And danced. 

There was cake. 

And presents. LOTS of presents! 

And then they left.

All in all I think it was a rip roaring success. Something that Marley hopefully won't forget! She and Greg should be home soon from the Canucks game (part 2 of her birthday celebration.) The quiet has been nice and has allowed me to post this.
Thanks for tuning in!

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  1. I knew it would be incredible, but that stage... Holy Cow, Alison, that is amazing!!! Looks like a fabulous time, your husband is hilarious, and I'm glad you are present in the photos! Also, love that photo of Paige, she looks like a model! Hugs, Roxanne.