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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Christine's Birthday Activities - Take 2

Here are some snap shots of our day out in Abbotsford yesterday. Don and Ina have this great smooth, private, laneway behind their house so we tend to bring the girls' scooters and let them go wild on the road. But first, Poppa (Don) had to do some Scooter Surgery on Marley's scooter. Gotta love Handy Poppa!!

And then the fun of coming down their hill, at a rate of speed designed to stop a parents heart cold, started!!

Just to give you a bit of perspective on the grade of the hill. 
Paige and Marley tend to start up by that lamp post you can see in the back ground. Initially, Paige wasn't using her brake efficiently so she'd come screaming down and then jump off at the bottom to make a running stop. Totally an accident waiting to happen! 

Christine is not quite as confident on her scooter yet so doesn't go too fast and hardly ever glides on it. but she does love it!

This is Paige's "I know you're taking pictures of me and want me to smile so I'll half comply" face!

Marley can get up to some seriously scary speeds but she at least uses her brake properly!

Oh, and she also has one of those "hurry up and take a picture of me" faces!

Pretty soon it was lunch and present time. Christine got some much needed accessories for her scooter (you'll see them below).

And Ammee didn't leave the bigger kids out - there was a bag of new skipping ropes, balls and Mini Eggs for them!

Here she is. All kitted out with new knee and elbow pads plus gloves. All in Princess Pink of course!!

Testing out the new protective gear. It works!!

Paige took a tumble without pads though. Got a pretty decent sized road rash on her knee!

Poor Paige!

After dinner we had to have cake (of course!) 

It was very yummy - most of the kids had a second piece!! As the baker, that makes me very happy!

Well, that was yesterday. Fun, falls and festivities for all!
Today Grandma and Grandpa Day are coming over along with Greg's sister Christine, her family and Greg's cousin James and his family. The party just continues at our house!!

Hope you have a great Sunday everyone. I'll post some more pictures (must recharge my battery first!) soon. 

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  1. Just read your post below, too, and it looks like you guys are having just the ultimate spring weekend - fun! Mini golf, now there's something we could try one day, but I'm not sure how that will go - could be some tears or meltdowns! I love that picture of Paige here with the sticking out lip - Nolan and Brenna do that too! I can't believe you guys have flowers and green grass!!! Actually, I can believe it, I'm just jealous, really. Our snow is finally melting and we have a whole winter's worth of dog poo in the front yard with the smell to go with it - NASTY! Probably something I will have to deal with, seeing as Jason did something to his back and is pretty heavily medicated and lazy at the moment, but I'm going to procrastinate until the last possible moment. Anyway, better go, I have a layout to post, but I also have some cooking to do - very ambitious today! Hugs, Roxy.