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Monday, March 12, 2012

A slightly different 12 (er ... 23) on the 12th

I've been trying to play along with the spirit of Ella Publishing's Take Twelve challenge if not the practical aspect of it - i.e. making a layout of my 12 photos. Today was almost half over before it clicked (no pun intended) that it was the 12th and I should have been taking pictures. Sigh. Stupid Daylight Savings Time screwing up my brain!! But ... today was another parenting milestone which gave me the opportunity to take some pictures after all.

Today was LC's last ever Parent and Tot Gymnastics class.

Do we need to take a moment to ponder those words?

No more tagging along while she screams from apparatus to apparatus doing everything all by herself. No more keeping her on target when she gets distracted by the foam pit. No more reminding her that she has to take turns on the trampoline. No more coaxing her to do the assigned task when she's having a bad day or just wanting to stay at her current task. Now I get to sit in the gallery above and watch as she braves everything truly on her own!

Here are some pictures from today. Oh, and yes, I realize that a skirt is not the best fashion choice when you are tumbling and leaping and swinging but YOU try telling that to an almost 3 year old!

"Banana Toes, Mommy. Do your Banana Toes!"

Making a mountain.

Donkey kick.

Balancing on one foot.

Sliding into the foam pit.

Gotta love this smile, don't you?

Somersaults are her favourite!

Hopscotch ... feet together ...

... feet apart ...

... learning how to do it on one foot!

Climbing the ladder.

Sitting with Coach Jan while she explains the next station. Mostly listening!

She can pretty much do all the balance beams without help now.

Crouching tiger?

Falling dragon? She was being such a goof at this point!


Climbing ... so high!

More swinging - this time trying to kick Coach Michelle's hands with both feet.

Parachute time!!

Underneath the parachute.

Waiting for her stamps.

Examining her Certificate.

Love you Christine! Can't believe you will be 3 soon!!

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  1. What a great set up there, I bet Brenna would love gymnastics! And yes, it's pretty exciting that you'll get to watch from the gallery - parent & tot is hard work!!! She's so cute, can't believe she's gonna be 3! Hugs, Roxy.