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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Christine's Birthday Activities

As promised, here are some pictures of how we spent the day yesterday - celebrating LC turning 3!

First up was the desperate need to test out the new Ariel bubble blower - which worked great for about 5 minutes and then started sounding a bit tired. (Then of course she left it on so the batteries needed changing only a few short hours after opening it up!! Sigh!)

Gotta love the finger - out ready to pop those bubbles!

She tried to get up close and personal with Ariel but I don't think the face full of bubbles was what she was expecting!!

After lunch we went to a Mini Golf course (see yesterday's post for the location and a clue to a serious discount!!) where I had a lesson in patience!! Eventually I just gave up on actually playing the holes as players were stacking up behind our slow moving group!

Christine was quite enthusiastic about it. She plays golf like I would play it. Hit the ball ...

... then pick it up and walk it to the hole! Oh, WITH a sucker in your mouth too! 
She was given the sucker at the front desk when they heard it was her birthday.

Poor Marley is about as good at mini golf as I am. No ability to control how strong or lightly you hit the ball and very little ability to control where it goes! She was pretty frustrated by the end of 18 holes! (Especially since Greg - the only golfer among us - kept trying to give her tips. NEVER give a perfectionist, "I must be good at everything the first time", tips!!)

Christine was more than happy to get tips from Greg though!

The gang.

This particular Art Knapps seems to sell everything under the sun! Plants, seeds and landscaping supplies obviously, but also train sets, Princess dresses, jewelry, home decor and THE largest collection of Crocs I have ever seen!! This sign may have to find its way into a paper crafting project to be hung up in the house!!

Oh, and here are a couple random pictures of spring finally making an appearance in our garden! The lilac tree is starting to bud.

And these flowers (name escapes me!) are coming up. The crocuses have been up for weeks and are starting to look a bit sorry now, but these are just starting to come out. The daffodils are also threatening to bloom soon!

Some trampoline time next door.

The off to McDonald's for dinner - Christine's choice!

There you are. Today we are off to Abbotsford for some fun with Ammee and Poppa and the Graham cousins. It looks like another gorgeous day so the girls are pulling out their summer things and we'll be loading the van with their scooters. Have a great weekend everyone!

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