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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday LC!

Our beautiful baby girl Christine Elizabeth (LC to the Days) is ONE year old today!! ONE?!?!?! Wow! That was a fast year!

Some things about LC:
She loves ...
... to get into trouble. I never had to use cabinet locks for either Marley or Paige but have them all over the place now! A curious mind is a good thing, right?
... her big sisters! Much to their enjoyment, delight and annoyance!
... her blanket (thanks Auntie Shalan!!) which goes nicely with her thumb.
... being outside, or looking out the window at the world.
... the neighbours cat and all animals. She had a ball chasing the birds in Maui!
... bath time! (and the ocean too apparantly, at least splashing in the waves on the beach.)

She dislikes ...
... anything resembling baby food. "I'm a big girl now, thank you very much!"
... being told she can't do/have something that she really, really wants. What person doesn't?
... when Mommy leaves! Sigh. I know this won't last forever but it's tough sometimes to leave a crying baby at the door just so I can go out for a run or to run errands.

She has 8 teeth now (4 up and 4 down). She needs another bang trim. She is walking around like crazy. She figured out the stairs at Paige's preschool today. She tries to climb on EVERYTHING (reminds me of stories told about me!) She is our joy, our cutie, our last. Really!

Happy 1st Birthday Sweetie. I love you so much!!

Sorry you are getting the shaft because you are daughter #3 and we arrived back from Maui yesterday and have nothing organized yet! We'll make it up to you  ... eventually. Probably once Marley and Paige have moved out and you have us to yourself for a few extra years!! I haven't taken any pictures today yet - the one above was taken at the winery on Maui. So very cute!!

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