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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hawaii Trip - My First Luau

March 15th 2010 - We decided that since this was my first time in Hawaii (as well as the girls') we wanted to give them the experience of going to a Luau. As cheesy and commercial as they maybe have become, we wanted it! Greg agonized for months over which one to take them to - the expensive "authentic" one in Lahaina that was an hours drive away (both ways) or the less expensive (nobody's pretending ANY of them are "cheap"!), kid-friendly one a 10 minute drive away in Wailea? As much as I may have wanted the more authentic experience, my vote was for the one which had the best shot of serving food the girls would actually eat, and which happened to be a short drive (or, potentially, cab ride) away. So off we went to the Wailea Beach Marriott!

Here are Greg, the girls and Grandpa Day in the gardens. Paige was being particulary uncooperative in the picture department that night. She and Marley and Greg were out earlier in the day throwing the frisbee around and she got hit in the nose. Which immediately started bleeding profusely! Being the poor, sensitive soul that she is, she spent the rest of the trip CONVINCED that her nose was bleeding every time it even slightly ran! So here she is clutching a tissue that minutes before was pressed against her nose! Poor kid!

Marley on the other hand requested pictures of her by the beach at sunset! How can two girls be SO different?! Same gene pool! Honest!!

Part of the pre-luau fun was picking up our free shell leis and (in the girls case) getting a traditional Hawaiin tatoo. Marley got a turtle ...
... and Paige got a flower. Had to sneak this picture of it though!!
Me and the girls (and the sunset).

A beautiful Maui sunset!!

While we were taking pictures we saw this turtle just below us. He was a little stuck in a tide pool but managed to swim free pretty quickly. The girls were thrilled! I also saw a Humpback whale breach just off shore. Totally cut my wonderful MIL off mid-sentence when I saw it too!!

The Luau began ...

... the drinks were flowing (and Greg had caught Marley's cold so I had to drink for the both of us. Shucks darn!!) ...

... and when it was all over, Marley just had to get a picture with her favourite pretty ladies!

Poor Paige didn't last. She got freaked out when the first performer was lighting the torches and then watched the first few dances from the safety of Grandpa's arms. Eventually Grandma and Grandpa had to take her back to our resort as she was just too distraught. It's too bad, but considering that the last performer of the night was a (kick ass I might add) fire dancer from New Zealand (?) it was probably a good thing. The rest of us enjoyed our evening. The food was good, the location was beautiful and the performance everything we could have asked for. Marley was mesmermized! She got to learn some Hula dancing at the start of the night and used her birthday money to buy a wooden sculpture of dolphins with her name carved into it. All in all, a good time!

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