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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Olympic Experience so far ... Part IV

To read Part I go here, for Part II go here, and for Part III go here. Thanks!

NOTE: It's now 3 1/2 weeks since we went to this (and I started this post) and I am currently blogging from Hawaii. Life got pretty busy right after the Olympics and just before we left for Hawaii so I wasn't able to finish a couple of blogs. Hope the "out of order" post doesn't mess you up too badly!!

Friday February 26th was a fabulous day! Marley turned 6 years old (read all about her celebrations here) and we went as a family to the Short Track Speed Skating at the Coliseum. Those guys (and gals) really FLY around that rink! Watching it on TV just doesn't give you a true sense of their speed! We have friends who live near the venue so we parked at their house (thanks guys!), popped in for a quick visit and some warm muffins (more thanks!!) and then walked. In the rain. Yup, the gorgeous sunny days had come to an end and it was raining again in Vancouver. What a shock! NOT!!!

Here I am with the girls and our friend Jessica and her son waiting to go through security. Getting pretty wet but spirits were NOT dampened!! And then later in our seats.

I took WAAY too many pictures of the races that aren't all that great because I do not have a zoom lens and we were sitting pretty much as far up as you could go without actually sitting in the rafters! Greg even said that I need to get a zoom ... my birthday's only 7 months away people!! Start saving!
I will share a couple to give you an idea of how far away they were.

This is them getting ready to start the Men's A Final. Do you remember the crazy finish? Here are some shots of the carnage!

Somehow Canada came out with the Gold AND the Bronze medals!

The Team Relay race was also pretty exciting but not because of any crashes, but because of the potential for crashes! With so many skaters out there all taking turns and pushing each other in the exchanges, I felt SURE we'd see some carnage. But, alas, no. We DID however see Canada skate to yet another Gold Medal. Yay Canada!!!

And the Medal Ceremonies - Marley loved that she got to sing the National Anthem twice in one night!

Well, there you have it. Except to show you some pics of our incredibly cute, incredibly good little girls ...

... oh yeah, and Greg too!

We were SO proud of them! It was a long day and they were awesome! They sat in their seats the whole time. They waited patiently for their dinner (Greg had to buy dinner in waves!) and they walked a long way through large crowds. It made me realize how lucky I am to have such good girls (and made me think that maybe Greg and I aren't doing such a bad job of raising them after all!!)

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