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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Marley Turns 6!

Feb 26th 2010: 6 years ago today we gave birth (okay, I did most of the actual birthing!) to our first daughter Marley Regan.

6 years ago?!?!?
Are you kidding me?!
Where did the time go?

Today (okay, okay, I know it's actually March 17th today but I'm a bit behind - bear with me!!) we celebrated Marley in many ways and multiple locations ... she took treats to Kindergarten, we opened presents after lunch and then went to watch Canada win two golds and a bronze at the Short Track speed skating (read all about it here.) 

Here she is opening her presents.
My Aunt Moira sent through a large parcel that had been taunting Marley for a few days. We FINALLY let her open it ... but it required a little help from Daddy!
Paige had been watching the proceedings with barely concealed jealousy and longing ... then ...
... oh joy!  A present for her from Aunt Moira too!!
My Aunt sure knows how to make her nieces happy!!
Marley has since tried out this game (when I talked to Aunt Moira just before we left for Hawaii she hadn't tried it but Grandma and Grandpa Day were able to play a few rounds before our flight!) and loved it! Thanks Aunt Moira!

The event that Marley had REALLY been looking forward to happened the day after her birthday.

She wanted a Soccer party. Being a Mom of 3 girls I never thought I'd see the day but ... when her favourite thing is "soccer blanket" and her Dad has been taking her to soccer games since she before she could walk, I guess it's inevitable! We rented the gym at the local Boys and Girls Club and Coach Greg led Marley and her friends through some warm-up drills and a couple different games before we fed them pizza and cake. Here are some pictures of the chaos! Grandma and Grandpa Graham came to help out (thank you, thank you, thank you!!)

I'm no Cake Boss but I was pretty happy with how this one turned out. It even tasted pretty good too!!
Marley asked for donations to Children's Hospital (and then added a second charity after watching Jennifer Heil win Silver and donate her medal bonus to "Because I'm a Girl") instead of presents so of course all her friends got her presents! AND donations!! What lovely generous people!! The biggest hit of the party (and the biggest cause of my headaches) was the Hannah Montana Barbie.
That sings.
And has a light up guitar.
And no OFF switch!!! *sigh*
LC was also a hit. Living baby doll and all that!

After all was said and done, the last little girl was picked up, the leftover food was packed up, the baby was placated with some Mommy time and the garbage had been taken out ... I could sit back and reflect. What a ride this past 6 years has been. And it's only just begun!
Marley, what can I say to you ... and about you? You make me so proud! You are excited to try new things. You LOVE to learn and are so sad when you're sick and have to miss school. You excel in all the activities your Dad and I put you in. You love broccoli!! You inexplicably hate tomato sauce on your pasta (but will yum up Spaghetti with meat sauce?!) and only like mushrooms in Tuna Noodle Casserole. You love your little sisters and are great at sharing everything!
I love you.
WE love you!
Happy Birthday Monkey!!
(Oops, wasn't supposed to use that nickname any more!)
Great things are in store for you ...

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