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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hawaii Trip - First Impressions

Ah, Hawaii! Sun, sand, beautiful scenery .... kids that puke on the plane and then don't sleep for 24 hours ... paradise, right? Maybe tomorrow!!

We have been looking forward to this trip for almost a year now. And now we're here. I'm STILL looking forward to this trip! 'Cus I ain't on vacation yet!!! Of course, when are mothers EVER on vacation?! Let me fill you in of the cryptic references ...

Yesterday (March 10th) we flew out of Vancouver for Maui. Our (mis)adventures began with an eternally long check-in due to computer issues with Air Canada. Once we were finally checked in and had loaded our bags onto the belt, we stood in line to go through security. EVERYONE had to remove their shoes - even LC. Because if I were going to bring a shoe bomb on board, it WOULD be in the baby's runners!!! Seriously?!? How ridiculous are these security regulations (that STILL don't catch the serious terrorists) going to get? Anyway, once we'd passed security we had to go through US customs where (lucky us) we got picked for a random bag check. SO off trooped the Day family of 5 to wait for Air Canada to find our bags, bring them up so that Customs could half heartedly x-ray 4 out of the 8 checked bags and then waive us through. SO happy to help!! NOT!!! We arrived at our gate with only minutes before boarding. Greg's parents were waiting rather anxiously for us!! There was time to buy a bottle of water but nothing else. If only I'd known that Air Canada now charges for ALL food on board! We bought stuff but the girls were pretty hungry! Poor things!

The girls did SO awesome on board though! Marley sat beside Grandma Day, Paige sat beside Grandpa Day and Greg and I had LC. It was a relatively stress free flight for all. LC fell asleep on take off and afterwards was happy to sit with me, Greg or Grandpa. With a couple hours left she started to get overtired/restless but I walked her around the aisles for a bit. She charmed the Flight Attendants! Then the fun really began! As she got more tired and less able to sleep, it became harder and harder to keep her happy. Then the approach to Kahului Airport was SO rough that she threw up. Yup! ALL over her special blanket ... and me! Fun times! Poor thing! I think it may have started a bit of a chain reaction because I heard a lot of rustling of barf bags after she threw up. Sorry!! Luckily I'd packed a sleeper in the diaper bag so we stripped off the pukey clothes and changed her before deplaning. Everyone was so great! She HAD been such a good baby all flight (unlike other kids on board!) and the landing was REALLY rough, so I guess it's pretty easy to feel sorry for her. She looked pretty dozy in the stroller on the way to Baggage Claim and while we were waiting for Greg to get the rental car but ... she threw up again as I was preparing to load her into her car seat.

Anyway, skip to last night ... and the LACK of sleeping on behalf of LC. Sigh. she's a thumb sucker and a blanket holder and without that blanket (which couldn't get cleaned because there was no laundry detergent here) she just couldn't settle. Today we checked out the Expedia talk (okay, I was there for the free coffee and pastries - mostly the coffee to be honest!) then the girls went for a swim while I tried desperately to get LC to nap which only happened in the rocking chair in my lap. Then we made the trek out to Costco to stock up for the next 10 days, and back to try and get LC to nap. Again, not so successful there. Sigh! Greg went off to Safeway and by the time he got back I felt like a zombie! I was so tired! I could only imagine how LC was feeling! Greg and Grandma took LC for a walk to the beach while Grandpa took the girls to play on the grass and I got to nap. JOY!!!

Right now we have all 3 girls asleep (okay I just heard Marley coughing up a storm - poor kid has a cold! What timing!) thanks to a busy day and a clean blanket! Thank God for in-suite laundry!! Greg and I are chilling watching the Marriage Ref and I am trying to catch up on my blog posts. I am woefully behind! Sorry! I realize I haven't posted my final Olympics story or about Marley turning 6 so stay tuned. I WILL be posting these stories soon. Promise! I tried to get my Project 12 layout done before we left because I'll miss the deadline to be eligible for prizes but ... life was too busy. I mostly got my special Olympics Project 12 layout done but they will have to wait until we get back to be finished. Oh well, next month I will be sure to make the deadline!

Oh, and I'll post pics from Maui soon too. That's all for now. Thanks for reading. Hope you're enjoying your Spring Break (if you're on one!) Aloha!!

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  1. oh I feel your pain. We just got back from Palm Springs and I'm tired of dismantling the stroller just to go through security. Teagan had a coniption fit on the way home because she didn't want to send her favourite stuffie and her new sparkly princess shoes through the security machine. But we survived. I hope you are enjoying the warm weather.