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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey World - let's pass the Online Torch!

My Brother-in-law started this virtual torch relay at his site - We need your help to pass the torch around the world and yes, it's a contest! This is the content of the email my sister-in-law just sent me.

"After hearing that 3 billion people watched the 2010 Olympics Opening Ceremony, my hubby and some friends of his decided to create a web page to get into the Olympic spirit. The site is called "Pass the Online Torch" and it just launched a few moments ago. The idea is that we are passing a virtual torch around the World via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Folks that are passed the torch can support their country by joining the online torch bearer list at The Country with most online torch bearers when the Olympics closes wins. Simple right?!

As you can imagine, getting something to go viral is tough, so we really need some help from friends and family to build the momentum. We would REALLY appreciate if you would not only join the list but also quickly pass the link onto to as many people as possible (in whatever way you can dream of). Bonus points if you can send it to people overseas so we can get the torch moving around the world.

THANKS for your help... we really appreciate it. Go Canada!"

So ... let's pass it on everyone!! Thanks!

Oh, one last thing ...


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