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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Olympic Torch Relay comes to Ladner

Post #2 today and this one is one of the "exciting" ones I promised! (EDIT: It got too late last night to finish this post so technically this is post #1 of today!!)

Today the Olympic Torch came to Ladner on its cross-Canada journey. The opening ceremonies are on Friday and the Torch is making its way around the Lower Mainland before then. Greg decided this "once in a lifetime" event deserved a personal day so we all got as patriotically attired as we could and walked over the City Hall to catch the relay.

Here is a picture of me and the girls waiting for the torch. Don't we look festive?!
Greg and LC.

A rare picture of the 5 of us! Thanks Trish!!!

The start of the Torch Relay Parade. There were a few "floats" from the sponsors - not as much commerciallism as we expected though. How nice!

There he is! Can you see the runner in white?
He had quite the security escort!

Once the runner above arrived at City Hall, the dignitaries got to say a few words then he passed the torch onto this woman and she ran it to the Leisure Centre where it left Ladner for Richmond.

After all the "official" stuff was finished you could have your picture taken with any of the runners milling around. I think most of them ran in the Delta legs that day but some may have run in Surrey or other places the day before. Oh, and you could touch the torches, and even hold them (if the runner was willing to let go of it!!)

So, there you have it. It was an extraordinary event to be a part of. So thrilling for all of us!


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