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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LC in the Pool.

It was LC's first swimming lesson today and Greg decided that deserved a personal day so we have pictures! Please ignore the overly plump woman in the striped swim suit - I'm not sure who she is, definitely not me! I'm a Hot Mama!! At least in my head!! LOL!
LC loved the pool! She was a natural, a fish!!

As you can see she had a ball splashing around ...

... and being thrown in the air ...

... and swimming for the very first time.
By the end of the lesson though, she was SO tired and wanting some cuddles from Mom.

Well, there you go. I did say I would have some exciting things to share. This particular one was unexpected but enjoyable too. Well, it wasn't really enjoyable to see how I look in a bathing suit. Yikes!!  I am working on that so hopefully in a few months I can post completely different pics of myself!

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