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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Olympic Experience so far ... Part I

*** I started this post on Saturday morning and life (this time in the shape of the stomach flu) got in the way until today. Better late than never, right? ***

As you all no doubt know, we are smack in the middle of the Winter Olympics here in the Lower Mainland. The build up over the past 8 or so years has been unbelievable but I've got to say, walking around downtown the other night with the absolute SEA of people wearing Canada's colours and clothing, I never imagined it would be this big!! I had one of those moments, as Greg and I were getting ready to head into town to see Canada play Switzerland in Men's Hockey, where I just stopped and said out loud "this is the freaking OLYMPICS!!!!" How cool is that?!? The mass displays of partiotism are a sight to see. I've always felt all warm and fuzzy about the country that Mum and Dad chose to emmigrate to all those years ago and enjoy wearing red on Canada Day but this surpasses anything I've ever experienced! Or thought I'd experience! (Don't worry though, bagpipes, kilts and rugged, windswept, bleak, heather covered hills still give me goosebumps too!!)

Our Olympic Experience started with watching the Torch Relay come through Ladner - read about it in my post here. That was on a Tuesday and the Opening Ceremonies happened that Friday. Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies? We did and Wow! Amazing! What a show! Well, except for the Olympic Cauldron snaffu ... oh well.
The next day Greg and Marley had tickets to watch the Women's Free Style/Moguls up at Cypress. Greg was unsure whether the weather would allow the event to go on, but they set out none the less, bundled up for any eventuality. They had bus tickets from Lonsdale Quay and since his sister lives at the top of Lonsdale Ave, they parked there and bussed down to the Quay. Paige had been invited for a playdate with her cousins so I was left with only LC for the day. What a feeling! To only have one child to worry about is positive freedom! But I digress.

Let's see some pictures, shall we?!

Marley and Greg had to walk a fair ways from the bus stop at Cypress to the venue ...

 this is taken at about the half way point.

And then this is heading through the security area - you can see the course a bit better now.

Once through, the Qualifying races were first - this is taken during that time. A bit wet, no?

Apparantly Marley spent most of the time down in the snow, playing. I don't think she actually watched too much of the racing! But hey, she had fun and that's what counts!

In between Qualifying and the Finals, Greg and Marley stood in line for the cafeteria for an hour and a half!! At least they had some company! Here is a picture of Marley with her favourite Olympic Mascot, Miga.

And then she got big hugs from Quatchi too.

The Finals were even wetter than Qualifiers, if that's possible!

The only picture of Greg (along with Marley) is unfortunately blurry but just to prove he was there too I am posting it!

Last but not least is a foggy picture taken on bus home - another hour and a half wait for that too! I think someone had a fun day with her Dad on a Grand Adventure but is about 30 seconds aways from crashing right here!

They arrived back at Greg's sisters REALLY late - almost midnight - so they spent the night. Which meant I had almost a full 24 hours with only one child to take care of! You'd think I would have slept well but I really missed my brood and kept waking up! They arrived home safe and sound (if VERY tired!) and we went out to the ABC Restaurant for a Valentines Brunch together to celebrate our reunion after such an adventure.

Marley is clutching the $20 Miga doll that Greg gave her because she was such a trooper! I'm glad he did that because after I heard about the waits for food and busses and after clueing in that their tickets were not for the grandstands but for general admission which meant standing around for HOURS in the rain and cold, I was SO proud of her! She is growing up so fast and is so good natured! I don't think I could have acted any better!! Way to go Marley!
Oh, and way to go Canada too - Jennifer Heil won a Silver Medal that night! 


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