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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LC is 11 months old!

I couldn't let this day go by without acknowledgeing my youngest turning 11 months today. I took all these pictures at the rink today while Marley was in her skating lesson. LC really wanted to get out on the ice too!

LC is a going concern these days - emphasis on GOING! I took video footage of her walking today but it is trapped in my camera, darn it! As soon as I figure out how to download it to my laptop and then upload it here, you'll be the first to know. She still prefers to crawl but it starting to gain confidence standing on her own and taking a few steps towards a near target. I get sneaky (hmm ... I think I do that a lot) and make that "near target" a MOVING one!

These next pictures will have to  do until I can release the video from my camera. You can sort of get the idea that she walked towards me as I snapped pictures!

She hasn't grown any new teeth since I last posted about them - so the sum total right now stands at 5. Two up top and 3 down below. I've started weaning her from breastfeeding as well. I'm kind of feeling a bit torn. She is our last baby and I kind of don't want to give it up but then she either wakes at 3AM for a feed or "gently" chews on my nipple and I remember why I started weaning her in the first place!! She quite happily takes whole milk from a bottle or sippy cup but still whines when she's tired and only I will do. I think the tap is starting to run pretty dry though so she's going to have to adapt soon!
She still lives up well to her nickname of "trouble". The other day I was preparing dinner and she quietly opened one of the cupboards, took out a box of Ziploc bags and emptied it! She just looked up at me with this totally angelic look like "what are you so upset about Mom? I'm only learning about in vs out?!" Yup! That's our little Trouble!
She loves Marley and Paige too and will follow them around the house wanting to play. They don't always WANT a baby following them around so the inevitable fights ensue but ... that's life, eh? It's only going to get worse for all of them before it gets better!
She is a darling little girl and we are ever so glad she came into our lives!
Happy 11 month Birthday Sweetheart!!

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