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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 3 of thanks ...?

Today I am thankful for a number of things but before I get to them I want to give you some background ...

Last night was a rough one for numerous reasons.
LC would appear to be cutting new teeth and they are not coming in easy! She spent yesterday evening alternating between happily chewing on anything and everything and stuffing her fingers/thumb in her mouth while crying. It was fairly heartbreaking! Usually she goes to bed just after 7pm and we don't hear from her until 10-ish but last night she fought it. Not only did she not nurse well at 7, she woke up at 8 and then again at 9 at which point I decided to bring her downstairs with us. Tuesday nights are Biggest Loser night so Greg and I are usually cuddled on the couch - she could snuggle too! At 10 I decided to try nursing her again and see if she would go to bed. She did but was up again at 11:30 and 12:30 and then 3.
Also in the mix were Marley and Paige ... Paige turned up her nose at dinner (not too surprising) and Marley ate everything but the chicken. I had suffered headaches all day so when both girls snubbed my hard work I sent them to bed. Not thinking they would actually DO that though. At 7 we realised it was too quiet upstairs ... parents out there will know what I mean by 'too quiet'. With our girls that usually means they have snuck into the playroom and are watching TV (there's a no TV after 5pm rule in our house.) This time though it meant that they had both crawled into bed fully clothed and fallen asleep. Ah! How cute!!
When I was upstairs dealing with LC at 8, I heard Marley and went into their room. Marley acknowledged that she was in bed fully clothed but then just turned over and fell back to sleep. Paige wanted to get into her pj's and brush her teeth. No problem. Done deal. See you in the morning. Right? Not quite ...
Marley decided at midnight that she needed to get into her pj's and brush her teeth! Waking me up in the process!! Sigh ... kids!!
The third element to last night was the splitting headache I experienced at 3am! I had been woken up by it was trying to figure out if I wanted to go to the effort of going all the way downstairs for Tylenol when LC woke up and I had to get up anyway. While I was nursing her I could feel my heart beating through the back of my head and tried to keep as still as possible to avoid my head falling off!! The Tylenol must have eventually kicked in because I did fall asleep again but it was touch and go there for awhile!
So to recap ... all 3 kids acted up last night, I was woken up at 11:30, 12, 12:30 and 3, and had a splitting headache into the bargain. What is there to be thankful for?

Today I am thankful for ...
... coffee (although maybe the caffeine isn't the best for headaches!)
... cold brisk days for walking Marley to school in that cleared my head!
... mornings  signifying that rough nights are over ... until tonight!

That was a long post to say a few things! It feels good to vent into the ether!!
See you tomorrow!


  1. GAH. so sorry to hear of the rough night, Alison! i hope today is better!

    i've been a migraine sufferer since i was a kid - if you have any access to canadian drugs, i HIGHLY recommend Super Motrin (400 mg) - not the migraine gel kind, but the little caplets. they're the ONLY things that work for my poor noggin - maybe they'd work for you, too? maybe i can send you some! :D

  2. hi won the Home Front line from STudio CAlico...please check my blog!!


  3. Hi Alison,
    I always try to really focus on the great times - like smiles and hugs - and try to remember them when times get tough. As you know, it DOES get better (in about 20 years or so...) Sorry to hear about your bad night.