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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving challenge - Day 13

It's been a busy day ... as usual! Paige's Preschool had an Open House to which I am obliged to attend as the Enrollment Chair (I'll be pretty happy when I can pass the baton!) It was scheduled to run from 10 - 12 which REALLY means I was there from 9:45 - 12:30. We had one person show up. And she was a returning parent!!! Sigh. One person! Actually, considering the advertising was basically nonexistent I'm surprised we got anyone at all!!
Then we had a birthday party for a friends' little boy in North Van at 4:00. Greg had tickets to the Canucks game tonight so it was just me taking all 3 girls. Not too bad really. Not as relaxing as visits to our friends usually are though!!
We got home just before 8 and Paige started complaing about a stomach ache. She's been complaining about them off and on for weeks now and once it led to her throwing up (which is possibly why she now makes such a big deal about them.) I was willing to play along but when I heard her running around with Marley and putting her "sick bowl" on her head as a helmet while I was nursing LC, I decided enough was enough! But now they are all abed and asleep and I get to relax with the TV and my laptop!

Tomorrow is Disney on Ice ... a few quiet hours without the girls!

Today I am thankful for ...
... my girls and my husband ...
... good friends with cake and ice cream ...
... bedtime for little girls!!

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