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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pumpkins and Candy!

I know Hallowe'en has been over for a week but somehow I just didn't make the time to Blog about it until now. And of course I'm also working on Marley's Baby Scrapbook and entertaining LC who just got up from a nap at the same time!! Really, it's a miracle anything gets accomplished around here!

The picture above was taken at Westham Island Herb Farm when we were out there for Paige's Preschool Pumpkin Patch Field Trip a couple weeks ago. The sight of the orange pumpkins against the purple lavender was too pretty not to photograph. I'm betting it'll find it's way into a Fall themed layout some day!!
Marley's Kindergarten field trip was the same morning but to a different pumpkin patch so she went with her best friend and her mom and I took Paige, HER best friend (who happens to be the sister of Marley's best friend - very convenient!!) and LC to Westham Island. The tour of the farm was manageable with LC in the Baby Bjorn but I realized two things as we headed out to pick the pumpkins. One, I forgot to bring bags for the pumpkins, which led to two, how was I supposed to carry three pumpkins?! Because of COURSE LC had to have her very first Hallowe'en pumpkin!! This next pic was taken by one of our teachers as I was heading back in from the patch. They may be small, but my arms were pretty sore by the time I got to the van!! The little one in pink with her back turned is Paige. She was particularly uncooperative when it came to getting a picture of her on her first Preschool field trip!! Grr!!

Somehow I fogot to get a picture of the Jack -o- Lanterns that we carved out of the girls pumpkins. Double grr!! If anyone out there has one please send me a copy!!

The next big event was of course Hallowe'en. Greg's nephew Griffin was 1 on the 28th so we did a combined 1st Birthday party/Trick or Treating Extravaganza on the 31st. Because you know, it's essential to send the kids out the door to procure their yearly sugar fix already buzzed on sugar!! We had our two nephews (Jasper, 3 and Griffin, 1) and Greg's cousin's little guy Kieran who will be 2 in December. He was hilarious! I'm not sure he totally grasped the concept of ringing the bell, saying "Trick or Treat" and waiting until they put candy in his pillowcase, but he sure had fun running from house to house!!  He's the tiger in the picture below. Clutching his pillowcase. Not sure if he thought someone was going to steal it or not! LO!!

Paige did really well this year and only came home after hitting the haunted house at the end of 63rd! She was a Ballerina. A Pink Ballerina. Natch! Marley was Hannah Montana. Sigh. Let's hope this love affair ends soon!! Her costume was darn good, if I do say so myself. The pic I took of her "in action" is barely recognizable as Marley!

And then there was wee LC - the Panda. She got given this bag of Cheezies at our neighbours and spent the next 20 odd minutes in heaven chewing the crinkly package! So cute!!

Last but not least ... the posse!

Our kids were probably the safest ones out there that night as they were VERY closely followed by 6 adults - I only managed to catch 4 in this shot. I think we had about as much fun laughing at the kids exuberance as the kids did actually Trick or Treating!

It was a totally fun and crazy night. Thanks to all for making it so much fun!
Next holiday to get through ... Christmas. Marley is already making her list for Santa. Sigh! Heck, Marley is already making a guest list for her birthday party in February!! Stupid Day Planner Genes!!! :)

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  1. 1 - the pic on the stairs is SO adorable! look at those little persons!! :)

    2 - your black and turquoise project for the Design Dollies is GREAT! i love the functionality of it, and it's cute! i could SO use one just like it! :D