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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 6 - Gratitude Challenge

Ahhh ... Saturdays ... they used to mean sleeping in, having a relaxing breakfast and cup of coffee.

Then we had kids!

Now they mean being woken up by a 3-year old who yelled "Mom, where are you?" over and over from outside our closed bedroom door in a darkened house. Hmmm ... seems obvious to the rest of us where we'd be, why can't she figure it out and come quietly into our room to gently wake us up? Or, do as her 5 year old sister and head into the playroom to watch cartoons?!?! Sigh ... the joys of parenting?!

Today I am thankful for ...
... my kids - all of them! ...
... husbands who take on the coaching job so I DON'T have to freeze my butt off on the sidelines early Saturday monings! ...
... coffee and time to enjoy it!

Marley and Paige have a birthday party later this afternoon so I may actually get a chance to start the advent calendar! I finished my other "secret" project yesterday so now I can shift focus. Hope to get some scrapping images posted soon.
Have a great Saturday everyone!

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