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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 4 - Thursday Thanks

Phew! What a day! It's almost 11PM here and this is the first real moment I've had all day to get on the computer!! And I think I just heard LC starting to stir ... crap! Hang on ...

... okay, I'm back and if I hurry I may just be able to get this posted before I'm supposed to post Day 5's thanks!! LC hasn't actually nursed since about 2:30 today so I was pretty happy to ... relieve myself?

Thursdays are usually busy ones as I have class at BCIT from 5 - 10PM, Marley has kindergarten and Paige has preschool. What made today especially busy was that I was the Duty Parent at the preschool which meant getting snack for them all cut up beforehand, plus getting Marley's snack ready, PLUS getting the Pack'n'Play, blankets, bottles, snacks, etc, etc, etc for LC ready. I did more before 8:30 this morning that I do by noon on most days!! After preschool/kindergarten I helped a friend out by picking her and her two girls (who just happen to be Marley & Paige's best friends) up and giving them a ride home. This friend also helped me out tons this morning by looking after LC so being a taxi was no problem! Fitting 2 boosters and a car seat into the back seat of our van was a whole other story!! We finally managed it but Trish and I were pretty wet by the end of it! (Did I tell you it's been pouring and windy again? Yuck!!) We celebrated by taking all 5 girls - yep there was a WHOLE lot of estrogen in that van today!! - out to McDonalds. I still had some homework to finish so rounded up the troups at 2 and we headed home. By 4:15 I was done and needed to get it photocopied so it was out the door again, into the pouring rain, to the copy place. Then home for a quick pack-up of my school stuff, kissed Greg as he came in and then fought rush hour in the rain. SO much fun!!

Well, I could go on and on about my boring Details and Construction Drawing class but I will spare you and get to my thanks for today. Oh, and for those of you who are interested in my scrapbooking projects, have no fear! I am working on some things and will share in good time. One of my current projects which is almost done I can't show you until after Christmas as it is to be a gift and you never know ... they may just check out my blog! Stranger things have happened! I wouldn't want to wreck the surprise for them. One of the other projects (do you ever have the problem of starting too many projects at once?) is an advent calendar for the girls. I got inspired by one I saw on the Lotus Paperie Etsy site. I'll link it up later, right now I just really need to finish rambling and get to bed!

Today I am thankful for ...
... good friends who help out in a jam ...
... babies that nurse and relieve the pressure so I can sleep tonight (maybe?) ...
... the fact that I only have one more boring lecture to sit through and then a final exam and I never have to think about door hinges and drywall thicknesses again ... oh wait, I'm going to be an Interior Designer, these things will probably come up!
... as always, coffee, coffee, coffee!!

Good night.

Here's a pic and the link I promised.

Cute, eh? Assuming I can get it done in time, I will post pics of my version!

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